Why Call Karen When Buying a Home?


  • As a single agent, I will work as your Buyer’s Agent to negotiate for and represent you in the transaction. I will owe you my full diligence, disclosure and confidentiality to get the best deal for you.

Attention to managing the Details:

  • Documents, time frames, details are all managed.  I will help you understand the full picture and know what needs to be completed and when.
  • We will discuss what you are looking for in your purchase and work to see what properties are on the market that meet those needs. 
  • We will also discuss the costs of the purchase, so, hopefully, there are no surprises for you at the closing table. 
  • Once we have an offer on a property, I will help you schedule your inspection and attend with you or for you.
  • I will work with you all the way up until the closing, managing the details of the contract – making sure items are completed in a timely fashion and you know what to expect and when and getting you to the closing table on time.


  • In choosing properties for you, I will try to stay within the parameters that you have provided for your search so you can quickly find the property you are looking for. 
  • I will let you search at your own pace – whether it is viewing homes right away, or just reviewing homes through a saved search on my website for a bit prior to personally viewing. I will not push you to make a decision you are not ready to make, nor will I try to steer you towards any particular price point, location, property, etc. This is your purchase and your decision. 
  • If you are from out of the area and need suggestions, I will show you the area first, and then narrow the search to specific neighborhoods or sections of town.  If needed, I can send a quick video or preview a property for you.
  • I will work with other agents to get the information you need on the properties you choose, to help you in making your decision.

Knowledgeable and Experienced:

  • 24 + Years as a Real Estate Agent
  • 17 Years marketing properties in the St. Augustine Market.
  • 34 Transactions in 2016
  • 159 Transactions from 2011 through 2016
  • 17 Buyers closed in 2016
  • 85 Buyers closed from 2011 through 2016
  • Have owned and sold single family homes and condominiums, so understand the complexities of both types of ownership and purchases.

Understanding and Helpful:

  • Are you ready to purchase a property?
  • Are you ready financially? Do you need to speak with a local lender to find out where you stand and what you can afford? I can put you in touch with an EverBank representative or any number of local lenders depending on your needs. 
  • Do you need to sell your current home prior to making a purchase?  If that means listing and marketing your current home for sale, I can meet with you and work with you to get that accomplished. If you are from out of the area, I can help by referring you to qualified agents in other areas of Florida, nationally or globally.  Need a quick idea of the value of your current property? Just click on the Get Your Home Value Button to get three automated values for your home anywhere in the US. Then, call me for a private conversation or for a referral to a qualified agent near you.
  • Do you know what type of property you may want? Deciding between a condo and a home? Deciding between a patio home or one with a large yard? Deciding between a resale and new construction? We can discuss the pros and cons and look at some properties to get a feel for what you want. 
  • Want to start looking? We will work as quickly or at the pace you set to search for a property that works for you. Once a property is chosen, I will help you understand the process from making an offer, to inspections and lending, to sitting at the closing table.

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